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Let Me Help Your Writing Shine!

In my ongoing academic contexts, the opportunity to help writers continued to expand on various editing and consulting projects. My role as a doctoral project coordinator provided many years of experience in developmental editing/coaching—helping writers look at their big picture in order to shape ideas, clarify purpose, provide structure, and strategize for project completion.

Thus, I bring to my craft years of ministry, leadership, and academic experience.

My rate is currently $35/hr. See the "Reviews" tab to hear from just a few of my satisfied clients!

Why Edit?

Write so others want to read what you say!

Take that extra step to have your work edited so…

  • the clarity of the work matches your intention,
  • the conciseness of the work produces an efficient text,
  • the content of the work encourages reader engagement,
  • the text and formatting are technically correct,
  • the piece has flow and cohesiveness, and
  • a set of fresh eyes can provide important feedback!
About Me

Since I was twelve, I loved writing—journaling, poetry, short stories, and more.

Later, in conjunction with my work on Holocaust survivor interviews, I began editing survivor memoirs and other books.

Editing and Consulting Services

For over thirty years, I have provided quality editing and consulting services to satisfied clients:

Doing Business as Keystrokes

Editing and Consulting Services

For over thirty years, I have provided quality editing and consulting services to satisfied clients:

  • memoirs
  • student papers, theses, and dissertations
  • articles
  • popular publications
  • turning dissertations into books
  • academic publications

What are the different types of editing?

  • Developmental/Conceptual Editing
  • Evaluation/Manuscript Critique/Structural Editing
  • Content/Substantive/Full Editing
  • Line/Stylistic/Comprehensive Editing
  • Copy Editing (of finished manuscript)
  • Proofreading (of finished proof)

Our Clients & Reviews

Need your book or dissertation edited?

Here are a few reviews from satisfied clients whose books and doctoral dissertations I have edited.

(To purchase books, click on the book cover.)

Let's Get In Touch

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Freelance editor since 1988
Editor of AGTS' e-journal, Encounter: Journal for Pentecostal Ministry (2008 to 2012)

Educator (2003-2019)

D.Min. in Pentecostal Leadership, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
M.A. in Jewish Studies, Gratz College
B.S. in Bible, University of Valley Forge

Taught courses in Jewish Studies, Theology, Bible, Practical Theology, and Writing at Evangel University, AGTS, The King’s University, and abroad in India, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, the Bahamas, and Kenya

D.Min. Project Coordinator and Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Jewish Studies, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, MO

Ministry Leader

Pentecostal Justice Coalition partner (since 2020)
Executive Director of the Society for Pentecostal Studies (2011-2016) and Four-Year Presidential Term (Since 2022)
Jewish Ministry (2003-2006)
Children’s Pastor (2000-2002)
Metro Urban Ministries Director (1996-2000)
Ordained Assemblies of God minister (since 1995)


About (Cont.)


Book Chapters
Holocaust Curricula (Chapter 4: Classical and Christian Antisemitism)
Holocaust Poetry
Judaica Poetry


Lois and her husband, Doug, have been married since 1980. They have grown children, a dog named Daisy, a cat named Jake, and dozens of nameless wild birds and squirrels they feed daily.